Police Relations

Police Relations


A hot social topic today is “police reform”.  This is a topic that I fully intend on addressing.  However, I will not be calling my platform “police reform”.  I will instead refer to my platform as “Building A Bridge”.

This issue is very polarizing and like most hot button topics, everyone thinks that they are right. No one wants to give an inch.  I believe the best answer is somewhere in the middle.  Defunding the police is certainly not going to happen in a Chris Jahn Administration.  Although ignoring the issue and hoping that it goes away will not happen either.  My goal is to help both sides meet in the middle or “Build A Bridge”.

I also believe that the overwhelming majority of our law enforcement officers are good hardworking people that simply want to protect and serve our community.   However, if we have just one officer in our police department that does not treat our citizens with the courtesy and respect that they deserve, we have a problem.  The extreme sides of this issue believe that there is no problem or that we need to defund the police.  Again, the answer is in the middle and we need to “Build A Bridge” to get to the answer.

The Solution

How do we do that?  Do we allow the politicians to debate and come up with the answer that they think is best?  I say no.  In the end, it will take politicians to draft the actual legislation if there is any that needs to be drafted but politicians are not the best people to find common ground.

Our political leaders are not on the front lines of this issue.  It’s the officers and people of color on the front lines.  People in the real world, not people that have no idea what it is like to be on the front lines.  We need to bring people together who experience issues first-hand, along with a politician from each side.  We would have a group of front line police officers and a group of citizens of color that are truly interested in bridging the gap between sides.

One thing is for sure, doing nothing will continue to deepen the divide while doing too much will limit our police officer’s ability to prevent and solve crimes in Anne Arundel County.  The best way to “Build A Bridge” is to gather our front-line citizens and our front-line officers together and have the uncomfortable conversation.  Out of those uncomfortable conversations will come the best solution for all.  Not just the best solution for one side of this issue.

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