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Chris Jahn for Anne Arundel County Executive

I’m looking forward to being your next County Executive

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of this county that we love and call home. God bless you and all of yours.

Our Mission is to Build Bridges

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Meet Chris Jahn

“Over the last decade or so, I have watched as the two major parties have all but refused to work together.  It’s time for a change.  A major change at all levels of government.  We all have a choice.  We can sit back and complain, or we can do something about it.”

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I am excited at the possibility of serving the amazing people of Anne Arundel County! But for this campaign to be successful, it requires funding. We want our campaign to be an old-fashioned, grassroots campaign. Not funded by “dark money”. And your contributions, no matter how large or small, will help us bring the change that is need in the leadership of our county.

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Have you worked on a another political campaign? Do you have a special talent or skill that would be beneficial? Maybe a passion for politics and would like to serve the citizens of the county? Or just want to be a part of our campaign? We cannot win without YOU! Come work with us to make a better, stronger Anne Arundel County!

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